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CBD & Cannabis Oil For Dogs – Dosages And Treatments

Veterinary medicine isn’t left out in the race to discover better supplementary treatments. Lately, there’s been a lot of talk about CBD and Cannabis oil for dogs. Cannabis contains cannabinoids such as CBD which have proved to be of great medicinal value.

Research done on the benefits of cannabis extracts to dogs isn’t definitive, but reports from veterinarians and pet owners show that it may provide some health benefits.

Cannabis Oil for Dogs

Cannabidiol (CBD) is usually extracted from industrial hemp, a strain of the cannabis plant that contains less than 0.3% THC. THC is the psychoactive material that makes people ‘high’. Aside from CBD and THC, cannabis contains more than a hundred other cannabinoids that give it its medicinal properties.

Your dog may experience issues such as anxiety, seizures, pain (from injury or disease), arthritis, or even cancer. The use of cannabis to treat conditions in humans as well as animals has been a wellness trend in recent years.

But with all the information on the Internet, it’s quite difficult to determine the truth about the efficiency of cannabis on dogs. And although little research has been done to ascertain their benefits, a significant number of people are already using it as complementary medicine for their dogs.

How Much CBD Oil Should I Give My Dog?

Now, the cannabis industry is unregulated in most regions, so determining the right dosage for your dog may be difficult. However, you need to understand that the amount of CBD oil you plan to give your dog will depend on the following factors:

  • Your dog’s condition (mild or severe). Conditions such as arthritis may require higher dosages but if it’s for general well-being give low doses.
  • The size and weight of your dog.
  • The amount of CBD in the oil.

The packaging that comes with the CBD oil may also contain guidelines on dosage. Always start with low amounts as you monitor your dog’s reaction. And don’t forget to consult with your veterinarian if you’re not sure about the dosage.

CBD Oil For Dog Seizures

A seizure is a condition where the normal functioning of the brain is altered and there is involuntary muscle activity. When there are repeated seizures , the condition is called epilepsy.

Seizures may happen at regular intervals or could be unpredictable. Causes of the disorder include idiopathic epilepsy (inherited), brain trauma, brain tumours, toxins, liver disease and kidney failure.

Studies have shown that CBD helps reduce seizure frequency in dogs. According to owners to the dogs used in research, no adverse behavioural effects were reported. Click here to view research. This is a great sign. More studies are underway to discover if CBD products can be used officially to treat seizures in dogs.

CBD Oil For Dog Anxiety

Just like humans, dogs can suffer from anxiety. Knowing the unpleasant effects of anxiety, you wouldn’t want your dog to suffer from the same. Generally, there are three causes of anxiety in dogs. The first is fear. Things that may cause fear include new environments, strange people, or loud noises.

Also, a dog will suffer from anxiety when it is separated from its family members. Lastly, age. Senior dogs have a condition where their memory, awareness, perception and learning is adversely affected.

Symptoms of dog anxiety include restlessness, barking, pacing and aggression.

Studies show that CBD oil interacts with the endocannabinoid system in dogs (the system works the same way in humans) and thus decreases levels of subjective anxiety in relation to cerebral blood flow. Click here to read more.

Best Hemp Oil For Dogs

Hemp oil is also another vital alternative to traditional drugs. Hemp seed oil is extracted from the seeds of cannabis plant and contains fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and protein. All these components are great for your dog’s health but what you should be looking for is full spectrum or broad spectrum oil.

Full spectrum oil comes from the leaves, flowers and stalks of hemp. Unlike hemp seed oil, it contains cannabinoids such as CBD which can be used to treat conditions such as pain, inflammation and anxiety.

CBD and cannabis oil are great for owners who are looking for more natural alternatives that don’t have the bad side effects of some traditional drugs. We can safely say that more dog owners will embrace it in future.

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