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What Is Shatter?

Today, a large number of people use marijuana. This is mainly because weed products are available in various forms. People who don’t like smoking can still take it as oil, cookies, or even inhale as vapour. The options are numerous.

Shatter is a highly potent weed extract that is hard, translucent and resembles glass. It is just one of many cannabis concentrates, some of which are budder, crumble and wax. This article focuses on shatter.

How To Smoke Shatter

The most popular way to smoke shatter is by dabbing. One way to do this is through the use of a specialized pipe referred to as a dab rig and a flat bowl (the ‘nail’) that can withstand high temperatures.

Preheat the nail with a torch powered by gases like propane and butane until the right temperature is reached. Next, use the flat end of dabber to put shatter onto the hot nail. It will immediately vaporize upon coming in contact with the hot nail. You can now inhale the vapour from the rig’s mouthpiece.

Secondly, you can use a vape pen. Vape pens have a heating element known as an atomizer that quickly heats the shatter till it vaporizes. All you need to do is to put some shatter into the vape pen and the concentrate will instantly turn to vapour which you can draw in from the pen’s mouthpiece.

Vape pens are awesome because they’re portable and allow you to enjoy marijuana while on the go. Remember to pick one that is designed for use with extracts such as shatter. Learn more about marijuana concentrates.

How To Make Shatter

The first step involves grinding cannabis into small pieces in preparation for the purging process. Leave the ground weed to dry for some time. Filling the extraction tube with cannabis is the second step. Don’t make it too tight as this will prevent butane from saturating all the buds. Next, fill the extraction tube with butane – preferably in the open air as butane ignites easily. Do it as you filter and a brown or greenish oil will form.

Butane is harmful to your health so use a double boiler to evaporate it. You will know that all of the butane has evaporated when the oil stops bubbling. After that, use a vacuum purge to ensure that you get pure shatter. Buying one specifically designed for that task is way better than improvising.

Once this is done, it’s now time for the concentrate to cool. You can leave it at room temperature.

Shatter THC Content

Shatter is an extremely potent extract as effects are usually felt just a few minutes after using it. THC levels in it are usually high. Note that THC is the compound which gives weed its psychoactive properties.

Consuming excessive amounts of THC causes undesirable effects such as paranoia and anxiety. Further reading. So, always start with small amounts and take note of how your body reacts.

Alternatively, you can look for shatter that has higher levels of CBD than THC. There are those that are specifically manufactured to contain considerably low amounts of THC. This way, you’ll avoid getting ‘high’ and instead enjoy the therapeutic effects of CBD. More on the benefits of CBD.

Other Ways To Use Shatter

We have looked at the use of dab rigs and vape pens. But there are other ways to use shatter. When making a blunt or joint, add the dab to the flower, roll it up and start smoking. Keep in mind that by smoking shatter this way, you won’t get the full flavour and it probably won’t be as potent.

Crumble Vs. Shatter

The process used to make crumble isn’t quite different from the one used to make shatter. It is made through an extraction process where a solvent such as butane is used to release the active compounds from the plant.

The solvent is later evaporated to avoid inhaling it. Unlike shatter, manufacturers normally use various heat temperatures and oils with more moisture which create a thick, crumble-like consistency.

These crumbles usually find their way underneath the fingernails so it’s probably not a good idea to handle them with your fingers.

Shatter is used for both medical and recreational use. It’s highly effective and enables users to feel the effects not long after taking a hit.

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