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What Is Live Resin? Smoking Resin, And More Questions Answered

A few years ago, being found in possession of weed products was a direct ticket to the court. Not anymore. Cannabis products are mainstream and the use is not just recreational. Scientists have discovered that cannabis contains compounds that provide therapeutic effects and can be used to treat a wide array of illnesses. Click here to view research.

Today, marijuana products are available in various forms and structures. One of these is live resin, a concentrate that sets itself apart from the others.


When making almost all concentrates such as crumble, shatter, and wax, a ‘purging’ process during curing and drying gets rid of vital elements. The method used in creating resin is designed to retain terpenes – chemicals responsible for the flavours and aromas in different cannabis strains.

How To Smoke Live Resin

Just like many cannabis concentrates, live resin is consumed by ‘dabbing’. When consuming this way, you use a specialized water pipe known as a ‘rig’ or ‘dab rig’ and a flat bowl – the ‘nail’. The nail is made to tolerate high temperatures.

Use a dabber that has a spoon-shaped tip to scoop live resin. The nail is usually preheated with a butane-powered torch (you can find any other appropriate gas) till an optimal temperature is reached. When you’re done put the gas-powered torch aside and using the dabber, drop some live resin onto the nail. Once it comes into contact with the heated nail, it will vaporize, and this is when you can draw in the vapour from the opposite end of the rig.

Another way to take it is by the use of a vape pen. It uses the same concept as a rig though it’s the smaller and simpler option. Lastly, live resin can be smoked with dried flower using a blunt of a joint. Just add some resin to the flower, roll up and smoke. The combination is believed to be more potent.

How To Make Live Resin

Just like many other cannabis concentrates, the solvent used in making live resin is butane. Occasionally, solvents such as Carbon dioxide (CO2) and ethanol are used. The production of live resin starts immediately the plant is harvested as it normally starts losing its tarpenes once it is cut. So, the first step is to flash freeze it. This can be done in two ways:

  • Put it in a cooler containing dry ice at the bottom. The right temperature here should be around -40 degrees Celsius.
  • Dip it in a liquid nitrogen-filled cold insulating cylinder.

Now, place the frozen plant material in the material column then chill the solvent (butane). Pass the solvent over the plant material so as to create a solution. Next, apply low heat to the solution to vaporize the solvent. Lastly, chill the chamber where the solvent is so that you can use it again. It’s recommended that you use the services of a professional if you find it difficult to make live resin.

Live Resin vs. Shatter: Main Differences

Live resin is starkly different from shatter. Let’s start with the obvious one – it has much more terpenes than shatter because the process used to make it is designed to retain them.

The temperature of the vacuum purge used in making live resin is significantly lower than that used in making shatter. It is around 21 degrees Celsius. This is to prevent evaporation of essential oils. Secondly, the plant matter used to make shatter is dried and cured while in resin it is flash frozen in order to keep as much terpenes as possible.

Another difference is in the physical appearance. Shatter, as the name suggests, is hard, translucent and is as brittle as glass. On the other hand, live resin is malleable.

Is Live Resin Worth It?

One thing that distinguishes live resin from other cannabis concentrates is its rich terpene profile. During the manufacture of most cannabis extracts, a drying and curing process removes a significant amount of terpenes. This process is absent in the making of live resin so the result is much tastier concentrate. More information.

In fact, some experts classify live resin as a full spectrum extract. Full spectrum products are those that contain more cannabinoids and terpenes, making them more potent. These types of concentrates are preferred for medical use as they provide full benefits. So, yes: live resin is worth it.

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