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CBD For ADHD: Can Cannabis Be Used To Treat ADHD?

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a neurological condition associated with increased impulsivity and hyperactivity behaviours. Individuals with this disorder are unable to stay calm and find it difficult to concentrate on things they’re doing.

ADHD is characterised by the following symptoms: inability to sit still for long periods, tendency to interrupt people having a conversation, being unable to complete tasks, and getting easily distracted.

Usually, ADHD affects children between the ages of 5-17. Symptoms reduce as one gets older. Adults with this condition probably had it in their childhood. There are three known types of ADHD: Predominantly inattentive, Predominantly hyperactive-impulsive type, and Combined hyperactive-impulsive and inattentive type. Similarly to many mental conditions, there’s no cure for ADHD.

Behavioural therapies such as talk therapy and psychotherapy can significantly reduce symptoms. Two types of ADHD medications are stimulants and non-stimulants. These medications are known to cause side effects like loss of appetite, sleepiness, fatigue, dry mouth, headache, and mood changes.

Scientists are still researching to gain a better understanding of the condition and to come up with superior medication.

In the past few years, some ADHD patients have been using cannabis products as a treatment as part of the treatment. With the legalization of cannabis for medical and recreational use, we can predict that more people with ADHD will be using it.

But is it really effective?

A review of 268 online forum threads revealed that 25% of individual posts indicated that Cannabis is therapeutic for ADHD. Click here to discover more. This confirms the growing popularity of weed products in the treatment of mental disorders.

Research About CBD and Cannabis Oil And ADHD

Marijuana is no doubt one of the most used drugs in North America. Cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are the two best known chemical compounds (cannabinoids) in the cannabis plant. The plant has more than a hundred such chemicals. THC is the psychoactive material that gives users a high while CBD has been shown to be therapeutic.

One study suggests that ADHD might be caused by deficiency of dopamine in the brain. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter responsible for sending messages between nerve cells. It’s the pleasure hormone and helps with vital processes such as focus and mood. Scientists discovered that THC reacts with the body and increases the levels of dopamine.

A pilot randomised placebo-controlled experimental study of cannabinoid medications was done on 30 adults with ADHD. Participants of the study showed reduced symptoms and no cognitive impairments were noted. Results from this research are not definitive, but it shows the medicinal value of cannabis. Further reading.

Despite the above benefits, the use of cannabis for treatment presents one problem – dependence. A research looked at the prevalence of ADHD in patients looking seeking treatment for marijuana use disorders. The prevalence of ADHD in adults seeking treatment for cannabis disorders was estimated to be between 34% and 46%. Here’s the study. Some negative side effects that could result from marijuana addiction include paranoia, hallucinations and depression, and cognitive impairment.

Effects Of CBD Oil For ADHD

Cannabidiol is usually derived from the hemp plant, a subspecies of cannabis that contains less than 0.3% THC. So, users won’t feel a high. Cannabinoids usually bind to cannabinoid receptors in the body.

CBD attaches to CB2 receptors which are mostly found in the immune system. This is why CBD is often used as a treatment for pain and inflammation in diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis. Read more.

Research on the use of CBD oil to treat ADHD is sparse. Most of the studies focus on use of cannabis and not its extracts like CBD.

However, cannabidiol can be used to treat symptoms that accompany ADHD such as anxiety and hyperactivity. One research suggests that CBD oil may be effective in the treatment of sleep problems and anxiety in children. View study.

It’s important to note that the use of CBD oil as treatment can cause side effects such as nausea, sleepiness and stomach upset.

You may be wondering if CBD and Cannabis oil can be given to children. CBD contains minimal amounts of the psychoactive material THC. Broad spectrum CBD and CBD isolate don’t have any THC.

So, you needn’t worry about getting high from using CBD oil. On the other hand, cannabis or marijuana oil contains significant amounts of THC and usually interferes with cognitive development in children. For adults, side effects are mild.

More studies need to be done on the use of CBD and cannabis oil for ADHD. For now, they are treated as experimental medicine. Before purchasing cannabis products, consult with your doctor about the content and dosage.

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