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CBD Crumble Vs. Shatter – Main Differences

The past decade has seen the emergence of cannabis as an effective treatment for numerous diseases. Conditions that could be treated by extracts from this wonder-plant include chronic illnesses like cancer, mental disorders such as anxiety, and insomnia. Read more.

It’s important to note that cannabis has been used by people for hundreds of years so it’s not a novel discovery. The only difference is that scientists are taking a closer look at the plant to identify its effects and how it could be used to treat or reduce the severity of illnesses.

The consumption of cannabis in various forms is a testament to its widespread availability in the contemporary world. Some of these forms are CBD shatter, oil, chocolate, gummies, lip balms, creams, and candies.

These products are mainly used for medicinal purposes, sometimes recreational. In this piece, we are going to focus on CBD crumble.

What is CBD Crumble?

CBD crumble is a popular weed concentrate. Makers of CBD crumble use varying temperatures, oils with more moisture and high pressure. This ensures that all vital compounds such as CBD are released. The final product is a fluffy, crumble-like consistency.

Crumble is usually difficult to handle as some of it will get underneath the fingernails requiring thorough hand washing. To avoid this, you can use the end of a dabber to mix up the paste and then scoop it up. CBD crumble has more CBD (as it is extracted from hemp plant), sometimes up to 99%.

It has negligible amounts of THC, the psychoactive material in Cannabis that makes people high. It could also be full spectrum, meaning containing chemicals like terpenes (responsible for flavour and scent) and essential oils. They complement cannabinoids to provide full health benefits. More on this.

On the other hand, CBD shatter is basically one of the many types of CBD isolate. It is one of the cleanest and purest forms of CBD because it doesn’t contain other compounds such as THC. It derives its name from its hard, brittle texture (it breaks or ‘shatters’ into small pieces when handled).

Makers extract cannabinoids from hemp and filter till only cannabidiol is left. After that terpenes are added to it to create shatter. Shatter is just as potent as other concentrates.

What Is Crumble Wax?

The process of making crumble wax isn’t any different from one used to make shatter. Manufacturers first extract cannabis compounds from the plant using solvents such as butane or CO2. Filtration and application of heat is used to get rid of solvents. The use of low heat and a longer filtering time creates a dry concentrate which then breaks apart to create crumble wax.

The making of crumble wax takes a longer time compared to the manufacture of shatter. Why is this? The cannabis plant contains terpenes-the phytochemicals responsible for providing it with various scents and flavours. When more heat than is needed is used, it destroys these vital components. Good crumble wax should contain terpenes.

Note that high amounts of heat could also break down the chemicals in weed into carcinogens which are said to cause cancer. So, the use of lower heat prevents the creation of carcinogens. Further reading.

How To Smoke Crumble

Dabbing is the most popular way people consume crumble. How do you dab? Well, you’ll require a smoking pipe referred to as a dab rig or just a rig and a nail which is basically a flat bowl. Most dabbers have a flat tip. For CBD crumble, it is recommended that you use one with a tip that resembles a spoon.

First, you need to heat the nail with a torch (powered by gases – butane is preferred). Do it till the right temperature is achieved then put the torch aside. Use a dabber to drop the crumble onto it. Almost immediately after coming into contact with the nail, the concentrate will start to vaporize. This is when you can now start inhaling the vapour from the other end of the rig.

You could also use an electric nail, popularly referred to as an e-nail. Electricity is used to heat it. When it reaches the correct temperature, use a dabber to put the crumble into the e-nail and inhale the vapour from the mouthpiece.

Another way to smoke crumble is to add it to joints or blunts to make them more potent. Just place a few crumbles into the dried buds on the flat rolling paper, roll it up and you’re ready to smoke.

Higher amounts of CBD in crumble makes it more potent than many weed extracts. Aside from that, its effects are felt easily and one can effortlessly carry them around.

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